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We offer in-depth information on a wide range of tracking devices, including the popular AirTag, Samsung SmartTag, and Tile Trackers, as well as lesser-known options like Yip Smart Tag and Eufy SmartTrack. Compare features, prices, and use cases to find the best solution for your needs

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Tracking Devices

How Tracking Devices Work

GPS (Global Positioning System): The most common type of tracking. The device uses a network of satellites to determine its location on Earth. Accuracy can vary, but GPS trackers are generally reliable at determining location within a few meters.

Cellular Triangulation: Used in areas without strong GPS signal. The tracker connects to nearby cell towers to approximate location. Accuracy is less precise than GPS.

Bluetooth Beacons: Short-range tracking devices that communicate with compatible smartphones or tablets. Useful to track items within a specific area (home, office).


What is AirTag?

AirTag is a small, coin-sized tracking device created by Apple. You attach it to items like keys or a backpack, and it helps you locate them if they get lost using Apple’s “Find My” network.


What are Tile Trackers?

Tile trackers are small Bluetooth devices that you attach to your belongings. If you misplace something, you can use the Tile app on your phone to ring the Tile and help you locate the lost item.


What is Samsung SmartTag?

A Samsung SmartTag is a small Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to items like keys, bags, or even pets. You can then use your smartphone to find the item if it gets lost.


What is Yip Smart Tag?

A YIP Smart Tag is a small Bluetooth tracker device that attaches to your pet’s collar or other belongings. It helps you find lost items by utilizing a network of smartphones running the YIP app or compatible devices (Apple’s Find My network).

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