How Often Does Airtag Update Location

Airtag update location regularly to provide accurate tracking information. Typically, Airtag transmit their location every few minutes when in motion.

This frequency ensures that you receive real-time updates on the whereabouts of your belongings. However, the actual update interval may vary depending on several factors such as battery life, movement, and signal strength.

Key Points About AirTag Location Updates

How AirTags WorkAirTags use Bluetooth and Apple’s ‘Find My’ network of devices to update locations.
Update FrequencyVaries depending on the number of nearby Apple devices. More devices = more frequent updates.
Location AccuracyMore accurate in populated areas, less so in remote locations.
Reasons for No UpdateAirTag may be out of range, have a dead battery, or there could be network issues.
Triggering an UpdateMove the AirTag, use Precision Finding, or enable Lost Mode.

How AirTag Work: The Power of the ‘Find My’ Network

AirTag don’t have built-in GPS. Instead, they cleverly use Bluetooth and Apple’s massive ‘Find My’ network. Here’s how it works:

  1. Bluetooth Signals: Your AirTag regularly sends out Bluetooth signals.
  2. Apple’s Network: iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices in the vicinity pick up these signals.
  3. Location Update: These devices anonymously and securely upload the AirTag’s approximate location to iCloud.
  4. Tracking: You can view the AirTag’s location in the ‘Find My‘ app.

How Often Do Airtags Update

The frequency of AirTag location updates depends heavily on these factors:

  • Nearby Apple Devices: If your AirTag is in a crowded area (think airports, malls), iPhones and other Apple devices in the ‘Find My’ network will pick up its signal more often, leading to frequent updates.
  • Remote Locations: If your AirTag is off in a remote area with few Apple devices around, the location updates will be considerably less frequent.

Airtag Not Updating Location

If you’re finding your AirTag’s location isn’t updating as expected, there could be a few reasons:

  • Out of Range: Make sure the AirTag is within Bluetooth range of your iPhone or another Apple device for it to be detectable.
  • Dead Battery: Replace the battery if it’s low.
  • Network Issues: Check if ‘Find My’ is working correctly on your device.

How To Update Airtag Location

How To Update Airtag Location

you have a few options to get a fresh location update:

  • Move It: Simply moving the AirTag (e.g., walking around with your missing keys) could bring it within the range of more Apple devices, triggering an update.
  • Precision Finding: If your AirTag is nearby, use your iPhone’s ‘Precision Finding’ feature (requires compatible iPhone models).
  • Lost Mode: Enabling Lost Mode will send out notifications if an Apple device picks up your AirTag’s signal


1. How often will my AirTag’s location update in the ‘Find My’ app?

A: There’s no set schedule. Updates depend on the AirTag being detected by Apple devices participating in the ‘Find My’ network. This means crowded areas usually lead to more frequent updates.

2. Can I get real-time location tracking with an AirTag?

A: No, AirTags don’t offer real-time GPS-like tracking. They give approximate location updates when other Apple devices are nearby to pick up their signal.

3. My AirTag hasn’t updated in a while. What’s wrong?

A: It might be out of range of other Apple devices.
The battery could be low or dead. *
There could be a temporary issue with the ‘Find My’ network.

4. How can I force an AirTag location update?

A: Move the AirTag to bring it within range of more Apple devices.
Use the Precision Finding feature on your iPhone (if supported) when the AirTag is nearby.
Mark the AirTag as Lost in the ‘Find My’ app.


Airtags offer unparalleled convenience in tracking your belongings, but understanding their update frequency is essential for optimal performance.

By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your Airtag consistently provides accurate location updates, giving you peace of mind knowing your valuables are always within reach.

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