How Far Does Tile Tracker Work

How far does Tile Tracker work? The effective range of a Tile tracker depends on your specific model.

ModelRange (feet)Range (meters)Ideal Use
Tile Mate & Sticker25076House/Office
Tile Slim25076Wallets/Bags
Tile Pro400121Outdoor/Large Spaces
Comparing the ranges of different Tile models in this table.

What Is The Range Of A Tile Tracker?

Range Of A Tile Tracker
  • Tile Mate and Sticker: Both have a range of up to 250 feet (76 meters), making them ideal for finding lost items around the house or office.
  • Tile Slim: This thin tracker boasts a range of up to 250 feet (76 meters) as well, perfect for slipping into wallets, laptop bags, or other tight spaces.
  • Tile Pro: The powerhouse of the bunch, the Pro offers a massive range of up to 400 feet (121 meters), making it suitable for outdoor environments and larger spaces.

So, if you have a Tile Pro, you can expect to track your item within a 400-foot radius, while Tile Slim and Sticker have a slightly shorter range of 250 feet.

Tile Tracker Several Factors Can Affect The Actual Range You Experience

Tile Tracker Several Factors Can Affect The Actual Range You Experience
  • Phone compatibility: Older phone models may have weaker Bluetooth performance, potentially limiting the range.
  • Terrain and obstacles: Walls, furniture, and other objects can weaken the Bluetooth signal, reducing the effective range.
  • Interference: Other Bluetooth devices nearby can also interfere with the signal.
  • Battery level: A low battery in either the Tile tracker or your phone can also impact the signal strength.
  • Interference from other Bluetooth devices: Walls, furniture, and even other electronic devices can weaken the Bluetooth signal, reducing the tracking range.

Here’s a Quick Summary:

  • Tile Pro: Up to 400 feet
  • Tile Slim and Sticker: Up to 250 feet
  • Effective range can be affected by various factors
  • Tile app offers “Community Find” for wider coverage


Q. Can Tile Be Used As A GPS Tracker?

A: No, Tile trackers are not GPS trackers. They use low-energy Bluetooth to connect with your phone within a limited range.

Q. What Is The Range Of Airtag Vs Tile?

A: Apple AirTags also use Bluetooth for close-range tracking, but their exact range isn’t officially specified. Estimates suggest it’s similar to the Tile Mate and Sticker at around 250 feet.

Q. Do Tile Trackers Work Anywhere?

A: Tile trackers only work within Bluetooth range of your phone or other nearby Tile users.


While Tile trackers excel at short-range tracking within your immediate vicinity, they’re not designed for long-distance tracking.

However, the Tile app offers a feature called “Community Find” which can help locate your lost item if it comes within Bluetooth range of another Tile user.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about the Tile tracker’s work.

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