Does Samsung Smart Tag Work With Other Phones

Short answer: No, Samsung Galaxy SmartTags only work with Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher with at least 2GB of RAM.

Here’s Why Samsung Smart Tag Work With Other Phones

Why Samsung Smart Tag Work With Other Phones
  • SmartThings Integration: SmartTags rely on the SmartThings app, which works best within the Samsung ecosystem.
  • Galaxy Device Network: A key feature of the SmartTag is its ability to be located by other Samsung devices nearby. This creates a powerful network to help find your lost item, but it only works with Samsung devices.

Alternatives for Non-Samsung Users

If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy phone, don’t despair. Plenty of other excellent trackers are compatible with both Android and iOS devices:

  • Tile trackers: One of the most popular brands, Tile offers diverse options for different budgets and use cases.
  • Chipolo trackers: Affordable and colorful options from Chipolo work with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Apple AirTag: If you’re an iPhone user, Apple AirTags are a strong contender, with deep integration into the “Find My” network.

Is There Hope for Change?

Currently, there’s no indication that Samsung will open up SmartTag compatibility to other phones. However, the market for item trackers is growing, so there’s always a chance future versions might be more inclusive.


Q. Do Samsung SmartTags only work with Samsung phones?

Ans: Samsung SmartTags offer their full functionality exclusively with Samsung Galaxy devices. Other Android phones have limited compatibility, and iPhones cannot use them at all.

Q. Can I still find a general location of a SmartTag with a non-Samsung phone?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Why does Samsung limit SmartTag compatibility?

Ans: Possible reasons include keeping users within the Samsung environment, technical differences in how SmartTags work, and simplifying security management.

Q. Should I consider a Samsung SmartTag if I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy device?

Ans: Probably not. You’ll miss out on the core benefits of SmartTags.


Samsung SmartTags are a solid choice if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy device. They’re inexpensive, reliable, and well-integrated with the Samsung ecosystem.

However, if you use a different Android phone or an iPhone, look at alternatives from Tile, Chipolo, or consider Apple AirTags for the smoothest experience.

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