Samsung SmartTag On Non-Samsung Phone

Can I Use a Samsung SmartTag on Non-Samsung Phone? The Short Answer: Sadly, No.

Unfortunately, as things stand, Samsung SmartTags are designed to only function within the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

To fully utilize a SmartTag on a non-Samsung phone, you’ll need a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet running Android 8.0 or later.

Short table summarizing the key points about using SmartTags with non-Samsung phones:

FeatureSamsung SmartTag on Non-Samsung Phone
Setup and PairingNot possible. Requires Samsung Galaxy device.
Finding Items (Bluetooth)Limited. Only if Samsung user shares the SmartTag with you.
Advanced Finding (UWB)Not available at all.
SmartThings IntegrationNo access to additional SmartThings features.
Overall CompatibilityNot directly compatible.
SmartTag on Non-Samsung phone: Limitations Explained in this table.

Why Samsung SmartTags are a ‘Walled Garden’

Samsung SmartTags are a 'Walled Garden'

Samsung SmartTags rely heavily on the SmartThings app and integration with other Samsung services.

These things aren’t generally available on other Android phones or iPhones, creating the limitation.

Are There Workarounds for a SmartTag on a Non-Samsung Phone?

Workarounds for a SmartTag on a Non-Samsung Phone

While you won’t have the full suite of SmartTag features, there are ways to gain some utility:

  • Basic Tracking: If someone with a Samsung Galaxy phone has set up the SmartTag and shared it with you, you’ll be able to see its general location via the SmartThings Find network. It’s not ideal, but it can help in a pinch.
  • Alternative Trackers: The market is full of excellent non-Samsung Bluetooth trackers. Options like Tile or Chipolo function perfectly well on both Android and iOS.

Is There Hope For SmartTags on Non-Samsung Phones?

It’s possible Samsung could open up SmartTag compatibility in the future – especially if there’s strong demand.

However, as things stand, if you’re looking for a tracker that works seamlessly with your non-Samsung phone, it’s better to explore other options.


Q: Can I use a Samsung SmartTag with my iPhone or non-Samsung Android phone?

A: Unfortunately, no. Samsung SmartTags are designed to work exclusively with Samsung Galaxy devices.

Q: Why won’t my SmartTag connect to my non-Samsung phone?

A: SmartTags rely on the SmartThings app and Samsung-specific features that are not available on other phones.

Q: Are there any good alternatives to SmartTags for non-Samsung phones?

A: Absolutely! Popular options include Tile, Chipolo, and even Apple’s AirTags (if you have an iPhone). These trackers offer excellent cross-platform compatibility.


While Samsung SmartTags offer handy tracking features, they’re currently locked into the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

If you don’t own a Samsung phone, you’ll be severely limited in how you can use a SmartTag.

Thankfully, the market is full of excellent alternatives like Tile, Chipolo, and Apple AirTags (for iPhone users).

These options offer great features and seamless compatibility across both Android and iOS devices.

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