Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 vs. SmartTag: Reigns Supreme

Whether it’s keys, a wallet, a bag, or even a pet, the SmartTag and SmartTag 2 have got you covered.

But with the release of the newer SmartTag 2, does it offer enough upgrades to justify its cost? Let’s break it down.

SmartTag 2 vs. SmartTag Table Data:

FeatureSmartTagSmartTag 2
Shape & SizeSquare, smallerOblong, slightly taller
Keyring HoleSmall, thin keyringsLarge, fits carabiners
Build QualityFelt creaky, less durableFeels solid, more durable
Water & Dust ResistanceIP53 (light water spray)IP67 (submersible in water)

SmartTag 2 vs. SmartTag: Battery Life

SmartTag 2 vs. SmartTag Battery Life

This is where the SmartTag 2 really shines. With enhanced power-saving capabilities, the SmartTag 2 offers a jaw-dropping battery life of up to 700 days, far surpassing the SmartTag’s estimated 300-day lifespan.

UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Technology SmartTag and SmartTag 2

While the original SmartTag+ was the first to offer UWB precision tracking, the SmartTag 2 thankfully incorporates this helpful feature as standard.

UWB allows for incredibly accurate location detection, making finding lost items that much easier (provided you have a compatible UWB-equipped smartphone).

Water Resistance (SmartTag and SmartTag 2)

The SmartTag 2 receives a boost in durability with an IP67 water resistance rating. This stands in contrast to the SmartTag, offering an IP53 rating.

While both options can handle a splash here and there, the SmartTag 2 provides even more resilience against the elements.

SmartThings Find and Smart Home Control

SmartThings Find SmartTag 2 vs. SmartTag

Both the SmartTag and SmartTag 2 integrate seamlessly with Samsung’s SmartThings Find network, allowing you to track your devices effortlessly.

The SmartTag 2 also includes a handy button that can be used to trigger smart home automations with compatible devices.

This additional functionality provides even more versatility compared to the original SmartTag.

SmartTag 2 vs. SmartTag: The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a powerful and reliable Bluetooth tracker, the SmartTag 2 is the clear winner. It offers substantial improvements in design, battery life, precision tracking, and water resistance.

The inclusion of additional features like smart home control adds even more value. While the original SmartTag could be a budget-friendly option if found at a discount, the SmartTag 2 represents an excellent upgrade.


Q. Can I use SmartTags with an iPhone?

Ans: No, they’re only compatible with Samsung devices.

Q. Is the SmartTag 2 waterproof?

Ans: It’s highly water-resistant (IP67), but not fully waterproof.

Q. Does the SmartTag 2 have UWB finding?

Ans: Yes! Unlike the original SmartTag, it comes standard.

Q. Is the SmartTag 2 worth the upgrade?

Ans: If you want extended battery life, a more durable build, and precision finding, then absolutely!


The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is a clear winner over its predecessor. It boasts a longer battery life, better tracking technology (UWB), increased durability, and a smaller form factor.

If you already own the original SmartTag, the upgrade might not be essential unless you heavily value the extended battery life or precision-finding capabilities.

However, if you’re buying your first Bluetooth tracker, the SmartTag 2 is the superior choice for Samsung Galaxy users.

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