Tile Low Battery Warning: What It Means and How to Fix It

Tile can run into issues, including low battery warnings. In this blog post, we’ll explore common problems related to Tile low battery warnings and provide practical solutions to reset and troubleshoot them.

However, like any battery-powered device, Tiles will eventually lose their charge. Fortunately, Tile gives you handy warnings before the battery is completely depleted.

Tile Battery Types:

Tile ModelBattery Type
Tile Pro/Mate/SlimReplaceable (CR2032 coin cell battery)
Tile StickerNon-replaceable (lasts around 3 years)

Tile low Battery Warning Reset

There are a couple of ways you might receive a low battery warning from your Tile:

  • In-app notification: The most common way is through the Tile app on your smartphone. You’ll get a notification when the battery in one of your Tiles is approaching the end of its lifespan.
  • Sound signal: Some Tile models will emit a brief tune when the battery is low.

Once You Know the Battery Is Low, It’s Time To Act:

  • Tiles with replaceable batteries: Some Tile models, like the Tile Pro, Mate, and Slim, have replaceable batteries (usually CR2032 coin cell batteries). Ordering them in advance is wise so you have replacements on hand. The Tile app often shows you how to change the battery in your model.
  • Tiles with non-replaceable batteries: Other Tile models (like the Sticker) have non-replaceable batteries. These Tiles are meant to last for an extended period (around three years). Thankfully, you can take advantage of Tile’s ReTile program which offers discounted replacements for older Tiles.

Important! Once you replace a Tile battery, you may need to reset the low battery warning in your Tile app. This step may vary between Tile models, but you can find instructions within the app.

Tile Low Battery Warning Light

The tiles themselves don’t have lights to indicate low battery. Any warning or indicator will come directly through the Tile App or possibly a short audible tune from the Tile.

Tile Prolonging Battery Life

Prevent frequent low battery warnings by following these tips:

  • Optimize location tracking: Adjust the Tile’s tracking frequency to balance accuracy and battery life.
  • Keep firmware updated: Regularly check for firmware updates in the app.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Extreme heat or cold can affect battery performance.
  • Replace batteries promptly: Don’t wait until the warning light appears; replace batteries proactively.

Some Tips (Tile Low Battery Warning) Problem

  • Battery life varies: Depending on the specific Tile model and how much it’s used, batteries usually last about a year for replaceable ones and about three years for non-replaceable ones.
  • Bulk buy batteries: If you use Tiles with replaceable batteries, consider buying coin cell batteries in bulk for convenience.
  • Proactive battery replacement: If you rely heavily on a Tile, replacing the battery sooner (at about the 9-month mark) can prevent an unexpected dead battery.


Question: How do I know if my Tile battery is low?

Answer: You’ll typically receive a notification through the Tile app on your smartphone. Some Tile models may also play a brief tune when the battery level becomes low.

Question: What should I do if my Tile has a non-replaceable battery and it dies?

Answer: Tile offers a program called ReTile that provides discounts on the purchase of new Tiles to replace older models with depleted batteries.

Question: How long do Tile batteries usually last?

Answer: Replaceable batteries in Tiles typically last about a year. Non-replaceable batteries are designed to last for approximately three years.


Tile low battery warning shouldn’t ruin your Tile experience. Being aware of your Tile’s battery life and understanding how to reset the warning helps keep your tracking in top form so you can always locate your important items.

Happy tracking! 📍🔍

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