How Often does Tile Update Location ?

Tile update location every 2 minutes. Tile tracks device locations via the cloud. When in Bluetooth range of another Tile device or the Tile app, a Tile device updates its cloud location.

This information is sent to your phone’s Tile app every 2 minutes.

All Tile Tracker Devices Update Location Frequency

TileUpdate Frequency
All Tile devicesEvery 2 minutes ⌚
Tile Pro, Mate, and UltraEvery 5 seconds when moving ⌚
Tile Sticker and SlimEvery 60 seconds when moving ⌚
Short table information about Tile location update

Please note that these are general Tile update location frequencies and may vary depending on the Tile device, the environment, and other factors.

However, it is important to note that Tile update location are not always accurate. This is because the accuracy of the Tile update location depends on a number of factors.

Such as:

  1. 👉 Battery status.
  2. 👉 Bluetooth signal strength.
  3. 👉 Other Bluetooth devices nearby.
  4. 👉 Number of neighboring tile devices:
  5. 👉 Physical barriers like walls and doors:

Battery Status Tile Update Location problem

Battey Status Tile update location

Tile devices use Bluetooth, Tile update location battery 🔋 status less often than location to save battery🔋. This can lead to a delay between the actual location of your Tile and the location displayed in the app.

A low battery 🔋 can shorten the Bluetooth range. which has a limited range.

For this reason, it is harder to make tile update location accurate.

Bluetooth Signal Strength for Problem Tile Update Location

Bluetooth signal strength / update location problem Tile

Tile trackers use Bluetooth to communicate with the Tile app. This means that the tracker must be within Bluetooth range of your smartphone in order for the app to update Tile location 🗺️.

If the tracker is out of range, the app will display the last known location 🗺️ of the tracker.

The Tile Update Location for Other Bluetooth Devices Nearby is Not Always Accurate

Tile update location problem other bluetooth devices nearby in not always accurate

Tile is unable to update its location because it cannot detect any other Bluetooth devices nearby.

This can happen if you are in a remote area or if you have turned off Bluetooth on your phone. To fix this, try turning on Bluetooth on your phone and moving to a more populated area.

Tile Update Location Issues Due to the Number of Neighboring Tile Devices

Tile update location issues due to number of neighboring

Tile update location issues are caused by a number of factors, including the number of neighboring tile devices.

When there are a large number of tile devices located in close proximity to one another, the electromagnetic signals from each device can interfere with one another, making it impossible for the devices to precisely detect their location.

This can lead to inaccurate tile updates, which can cause the map🌍 to be out of sync with your actual location.

In addition to the number of neighboring tile devices, other factors that can contribute to tile update location issues include:

tile update location

Physical Barriers Like Walls and Doors for Tile Update Location Issues

physical barriers like walls & doors problem tile update location

Physical barriers like walls and doors can be used to isolate tile update location from other areas of the home.

This can help stop the spread of dust and debris, and it can also shield humans and animals from the detrimental effects of being exposed to potentially hazardous substances.

These examples show how physical obstacles may address tile update location issues:

  • 🔼 Walls: For the purpose of the tile update location project, distinct rooms or enclosures may be fashioned with the assistance of walls. This is something that may be useful for larger projects, as well as projects that are taking place in locations with a lot of foot traffic.
  • 🔼 Doors: Doors can be used to close off the tile update location from the rest of the home. This can help prevent dust and debris from spreading and also protect people and pets from exposure to harmful materials.
  • 🔼 Plastic sheeting: A makeshift wall can be made out of plastic sheets around the area where the tiles will be changed. This can be useful for smaller jobs or projects that need to be done in places where walls or doors aren’t an option.

Besides physical limits, it is also important to take other safety measures when Tile update location. For example, to keep yourself safe from dust and debris, wear a respirator and shields.


Q. How do I get my Tile to update the location?

Answer: To update your Tile’s location, move your mobile device within Bluetooth range of your Tile. If you’re still having trouble, restart your mobile device.

Q. How do I replace a Tile location?

Answer: Tap the Tile you want to replace in the app, scroll down and tap More Options, then tap Replace Tile and follow the instructions.

Q. Why is my Tile tracker not updating location?

Answer: Tile tracker not updating location? Check Bluetooth, Location Services, and app updates. If still not working, contact Tile support.

Here are some tips 🥴 for getting the most accurate location update from your Tile device:

  • ✍️ Keep your Tile app up to date.
  • ✍️ Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • ✍️ Keep your Tile device charged.
  • ✍️ Carry your phone with you when you’re looking for your Tile device.
  • ✍️ If you’re in an area with a weak Bluetooth signal, try moving to a different location.

If your Tile update location doesn’t work after using all the methods given above.


If you’re having trouble getting accurate location updates from your Tile device, you can contact Tile support for assistance.

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