Yip Smart Tag Beeping

You may have heard your Yip smart Tag beeping at some point. While beeping is normal for the Yip Smart Tag under certain circumstances, random or unexpected beeping can be frustrating.

Don’t worry, though! This blog post will help you understand what the different Yip Smart Tag beeps mean and how to fix the most common Yip Smart Tag beeping issues.

Yip Smart Tag Beeping: Quick Fixes at a Glance

Beeping ReasonPossible CauseFix
Frequent BeepingLow BatteryPut the phone in pairing mode and follow the instructions in the Yip app.
Single Beep at Start-upPairing ModePut the phone in pairing mode and follow instructions in the Yip app.
Repeated Beeps Every Few MinutesOut of RangeMove the phone closer to the tag or check if Bluetooth is on.
Continuous BeepingTechnical IssueRestart both the phone and tag. If it is still beeping, contact Yip customer support.
I hope this table provides a quick and easy reference for troubleshooting your Yip Smart Tag beeping!

What Do the Different Yip Smart Tag Beeping Mean?

Different Yip Smart Tag Beeping Mean

The Yip Smart Tag uses beeps to communicate different status updates. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common beeps:

  • A single beep: This usually indicates that the Yip Smart Tag is turned on and functioning normally.
  • Double beep: This can mean two things: either the Yip Smart Tag is successfully paired with your device, or it’s trying to reconnect after being disconnected.
  • Fast beeping: This typically means that the Yip Smart Tag’s battery is low and needs to be replaced.
  • Continuous beeping: This is a warning sign that the Yip Smart Tag is experiencing a critical issue and needs to be reset.

How to Fix Common Yip Smart Tag Beeping Issues

Fix Common Yip Smart Tag Beeping Issues

Now that you know what the different beeps mean, let’s look at how to fix the most common Yip Smart Tag beeping issues:

  1. For random beeping: If your Yip Smart Tag is beeping randomly, even when it’s close to your device, try resetting it. Here’s how:
    • Remove the back cover of the Yip Smart Tag.
    • Remove the battery.
    • Locate the two metal springs inside the battery compartment.
    • Gently pull up on the two metal springs.
    • Replace the battery and put the back cover back on.
  2. For low battery beeping: If you’re hearing the fast beeping that indicates a low battery, simply replace the battery with a new one.
  3. For critical issue beeping: If your Yip Smart Tag is continuously beeping, it means there’s a critical issue that needs to be addressed. Try resetting the tag as described above. If the beeping persists, contact Yip customer support for further assistance.

Bonus Tips: (Yip Smart Tag Beeping problem)

  • Keep firmware up to date to avoid beeping caused by software glitches.
  • Turn off the tag when not in use to save battery life.
  • Don’t lose the rubber ring around the battery compartment to prevent beeping due to loose battery.


Q. My Yip Tag keeps beeping! What’s wrong?

Answer: Most likely it’s low battery. Replace it ASAP!

Q. It beeps once when I turn it on. Is that normal?

Answer: Yep! That’s just pairing mode, ready to connect to your phone.

Q. It beeps every few minutes. Did I lose it?

Answer: Probably not! It’s likely just out of range. Move your phone closer and check Bluetooth.


By understanding what the different Yip smart Tag beeping mean and how to fix common issues, you can keep your tag functioning properly and avoid the frustration of unexpected beeps.

If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact Yip customer support. They’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue.

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