Does Eufy SmartTrack Android Work?

You might be wondering: does Eufy SmartTrack Android work? if you’re an Android user.

Short Answer: Yes, but there is one catch. With the Eufy Security app on an Android device, you can use Eufy SmartTrack to keep an eye on nearby things, ring them to quickly find them, and set up alerts for when they get separated.

Let’s Delve Into The Eufy SmartTrack Android Work

Let's Delve Into The Eufy SmartTrack Android Work

Did you lose your keys again? Not sure where you put your bag? When it comes to item trackers, Apple’s AirTags and Eufy’s SmartTrack are two big names that stand out.

Eufy Smart Track: Two Models, Different Paths

Eufy Smart Track Two Models, Different Paths LINK AND CARD

Eufy offers two SmartTrack models: Link and Card. Their Android compatibility differs:

  • SmartTrack Link: No, SmartTrack Link doesn’t currently work with Android. It relies on Apple’s Find My network, exclusive to Apple devices.
  • SmartTrack Card: Yes, SmartTrack Card offers limited Android compatibility. You can use the eufy Security app to find your Card nearby via Bluetooth. But you won’t be able to use tools like crowd-sourced location tracking or Find My.

What Eufy SmartTrack Works On Android:

Eufy SmartTrack Works On Android:
  • Basic tracking: Use the eufy Security app to locate your SmartTrack within Bluetooth range.
  • Loud ringer: Misplaced keys or wallet? A double tap on the eufy app makes your SmartTrack ring, even on silent mode.
  • Separation alerts: Get notified if your SmartTrack gets too far from your phone, preventing absentmindedness from leading to lost items.

What Does This Mean For Android Users?

  • If you primarily use iOS devices: Both SmartTrack Link and Card work flawlessly.
  • If you solely rely on Android: SmartTrack Link offers basic tracking features through the Eufy Security app, but you won’t have the accuracy and range of Apple’s Find My network.

Bonus Tips Alternatives To Consider

Bonus Tips  Eufy SmartTrack Android Work

Eufy SmartTrack doesn’t work perfectly with Android, but there are other great choices out there. Pick the tracker that spends less and meets your needs the best. Keep an eye out for more changes that make tracking items easier on Android!

  • Tile Tracker: Compatible with both Android and iOS, offering a wider range of features and Find My integration for Android users.
  • Samsung SmartTag: Works seamlessly with Galaxy devices and offers augmented reality (AR) tracking for a more immersive experience.

Q. How Does Eufy Security Smarttrack Link Work?

Answer: SmartTrack Link works with two technologies: Apple’s Find My Network & Bluetooth LE.

Q. Why Is My Eufy Smart Track Not Connecting?

Answer: There could be several reasons:
Battery: Check if the battery is low or needs replacing.
Bluetooth: Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and the tracker is within range.
App: Update the eufy Security app and try again.
Pairing: Make sure you’ve followed the pairing instructions correctly.

Q. What Is The Range Of The Eufy Tracker?

Answer: Apple’s Find My Network: Unlimited across the globe with the help of Apple devices.
Bluetooth LE: Up to 300 feet (100 meters) with a direct line of sight.


In the end, your wants will determine the pick. Eufy SmartTrack can be a cheap choice for Android users who mostly want to keep track of things that are close by and don’t mind that it doesn’t work with Find My Phone.

But if tracking over long distances and working with more ecosystems are very important, you might want to look at other choices.

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