Tzumi Tag It Discrete Bluetooth Tracking Device Details

The Tzumi Tag is a discreet Bluetooth Tracking Device. This handy little gadget can help you locate your belongings with ease.

The Tag-It Tracker is a discrete Bluetooth tracking device designed to help you stay connected with your essential belongings.

It works in conjunction with the free Tzumi tag-it app, which provides various features to enhance your tracking experience.

What is the Tzumi Tag It?

What is the Tzumi Tag It

The Tzumi Tag-It is a discreet Bluetooth tracking device designed to help you keep track of your important belongings. Attach it to items like keys, wallets, or bags. If an item goes out of range, the accompanying tag-it app will alert you.

The app also shows the last known location of the tagged item on a map. Additionally, you can use the tracker to find your phone by pressing its button, even if the phone is on silent mode.

The Tag-It Tracker uses a CR2032 battery (typically lasting about 6 months under normal use) and operates within a temperature range of -4°F to 158°F. Remember, it’s a convenient way to keep tabs on your belongings!

How Does it Work?

The Label It connects to a free app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can see the location of your tagged item on a map within a certain range (typically advertised between 14ft and 130ft).

If your item goes missing, the app will show you the last known location where the tag was connected.

Key Features of the Tzumi Tag It:

  • Locating Missing Items: Attach the Tag-It Tracker to your valuables (such as keys, wallet, or bag). If an item goes out of range, the app will automatically alert you.
  • Last Known Location: The app shows you where the tagged item was last located on a map. This feature can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to find something you’ve misplaced.
  • Distance Measurement: You can see the distance between you and the tracker within the app.
  • Ping Your Phone: Press the button on the Tag-It Tracker, and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent mode.

Why Choose Tzumi Tag It?

Choose Tzumi Tag It
  1. Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to the stress of misplacing your essentials. With the Tag It, you can rest assured that you’ll always know where your belongings are.
  2. Cost-Effective: Compared to the cost of replacing lost items, the Tag It is a cost-effective solution that can potentially save you time and money in the long run.
  3. User-Friendly: The Tag It is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to users of all ages and technological proficiency levels.
  4. Versatile Use Cases: Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, the Tag It can benefit anyone who wants to streamline their daily routines.


Q. Can I track my pet with the Tag It?

A: While the tag can be attached to a pet’s collar, it’s not ideal for long-range tracking.

Q. How long does the battery last in the Tag It?

A: The Tag It boasts a long battery life, lasting up to 6 months under normal use. Frequent use of the alarm feature may drain the battery faster.

Q. Do I need to pay a monthly fee to use the Tag It?

A: No, there is no monthly subscription fee required to use the Tag It. You simply download the free app and connect your device.


The Tzumi Tag It Discrete Bluetooth Tracking Device offers a simple yet effective solution to the age-old problem of misplaced belongings.

With its compact design, long battery life, and versatile features, the Tag It provides peace of mind and convenience in a hectic world.

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