Yip Smart Tag Not Updating Location

Are you facing issues with your Yip Smart Tag not updating location? Fret not, as we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide,

we’ll walk you through the common reasons behind this problem and provide effective solutions to ensure your Yip Smart Tag always reflects the accurate location. There are several ways to get your trusty tracker back on track.

Quick Answer:

Yip Smart Tag’s location won’t update unless it’s near another compatible phone (iPhone or Galaxy depending on the model). Try:

Move closer: Check if you’re within range (300ft).

Wait: Updates happen every 10-15 minutes in Extended Range mode.
Notify Me: Get alerted when other phones find it.

Check permissions: Ensure location access is enabled for the Find My app or smart Things.

Remember, Find My app (Apple user) or SmartThings app (Android user). Yip tags rely on other phones’ help, not built-in GPS.

Why is Yip Smart Tag Not Updating Location?

Yip Smart Tag Not Updating Location?

Before diving into solutions, Fast understands why my Yip Smart Tag not updating location. Here are some key points to remember:

1. Lost in the Wilderness: Yip Smart Tags rely on the Find My network of iPhones and Galaxy devices to update their location. If your tag leaves the network’s range, it won’t ping to let you know where it is until it joins again.

2. Hibernating Tag: To conserve battery, Yip Tags enter an extended range mode when outside a phone’s 300ft radius. Updates become less frequent, around 10-15 minutes until they connect again.

3. App Apathy: Sometimes, apps need a gentle nudge. Ensure your Find My app is running the latest version and grant it all necessary location permissions. A quick app restart can also work wonders.

4. Bluetooth Blues: Yip Tags use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect. Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on and then turn it off and on again.

5. Battery Bonanza: If the battery is low, even the loudest bark will be muffled. If you put a new battery in your Yip Tag, it will come back to life.

Yip Smart Tag Not Updating Location? Don’t Panic, We Have Fixes!

Yip Smart Tag Not Updating Location? Don't Panic, We Have Fixes!

Yip Smart Tag not updating location Troubleshooting can be done by following the six tips:

Tips 1: Check Bluetooth And Find My

Ensure Bluetooth and Find My are enabled on your phone. Restart both apps and your phone for good measure.

Tips 2: Yip’s Range Matters

Yip’s range is about 300 feet. If you’re further, it’ll switch to extended mode, relying on other iPhones for updates. Be patient, updates might take longer.

Tips 3: Give It A Tap

Sometimes, a gentle tap can wake the Yip Tag and trigger an update. Try it out!

Tips 3: Lost Mode Activation

If you suspect your item is truly lost, activate Lost Mode in Find My. This alerts nearby iPhones to anonymously relay your tag’s location, even if it’s not within your own range.

Tips 3: Yip Smart Tag Battery Check

A low battery can slow down updates. Replace the battery and see if location refreshes.

Tips 4: Contact Yip Smart Tag Support

If none of these tips work, don’t hesitate to reach out to Yip Support. They are happy to help you fix problems and make sure your Yip Tag works right.

Get Your Yip Back On The Map:

Get Your Yip Back On The Map
  • Trigger the Network: Ping your Yip Tag from the Find My app. This might jostle it into connecting with a nearby device.
  • Hunt it Out: If you have a rough idea of the missing Yip’s location, retrace your steps with the Find My app’s “Play Sound” feature to guide you.
  • Notify When Found: Activate the “Notify Me When Found” option in the app. As soon as your Yip reconnects, you’ll get a location update.


Q. How Far Can You Track A Yip Tag?

Answer: Yip Tags leverage smartphone network signals, so precise range depends on network density. In ideal conditions, expect several hundred feet; in less populated areas, range could drop significantly.

Q. How Do You Reset The Yip Tag?

Answer: Resetting isn’t necessary for normal use. If needed, contact Yip support for specific instructions based on your phone ecosystem (Apple or Samsung).

Q. How Do I Make My Yip Dog Tag Discoverable?

Answer: Yip Tags are automatically discoverable by compatible phones in range. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and Lost Mode isn’t activated on the tag.

Q. Can You Connect Yip Smart Tag To Multiple Phones?

Answer: Yes, you can share access to a Yip Tag with other users by inviting them to the Find My app (Apple) or SmartThings app (Samsung).


Patience is key! Updating your Yip Smart Tag’s location might take some time, but by following these tips, you’ll be reunited with your missing item in no time. 😊😊

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